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Synch Certification Establishes a Candid, Efficient Purchasing Process that Benefits Everyone, Even the Horses

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Synch’s Unique Process of Integrity


Certification provides an empirical, ready-to-view report of the observable exam findings. It isn’t a rating or warranty and doesn’t connote any particular qualification; consider the horse’s price or use; diagnose, forecast or opine on findings; or make recommendations. Horses can't fail because they aren't measured against an arbitrary set of ideals.


Synch-approved veterinarians individually corroborate each Certification. Reported gait analysis findings are unanimous and supported by their corresponding videos.


NO AGENCY OR CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Synch isn't involved in and doesn't financially benefit from the sale of Certified horses. Synch-approved veterinarians participating in a Certification, as well as their respective practices, haven't ministered to the horse and don't have a current VCPR with its owner.

Cosa Nostra: Premium Data Access Premium Data Access
Cosa Nostra: Premium Data Access Premium Data Access
Cosa Nostra: Premium Data Access Premium Data Access
Cosa Nostra: Premium Data Access Premium Data Access

Cosa Nostra: Premium Data Access

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Secure, Anonymous, Direct: Synch scrupulously preserves the security of its data and the privacy of its users. If you would like to pursue the horse, you’ll contact the seller directly (using the seller’s contact information provided with Data Access). If you determine the horse doesn't suit your needs, the seller won't know you’ve viewed its data.

Sharing: Data Access purchasers have the option of choosing 2 people (aka ‘sharees) with whom to share the data.

The Table Below Provides An Example of What's Included

Category Example of Content Format Included
Health Exam
Clinical and Musculoskeletal Findings Gait Analysis, Flexions, Feet/Shoeing, Hoof Testers, Tendon, Ligament, Axial Skeleton, Effusions, Splints, Vitals, Eyes, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Digestive, Integument, Neurological, External Urogenital, Vices R
23 Standard Photos Height Measurement, Feet, Abdomen, Teeth, Conformation M (P)
'If Applicable' Photos Surgical Scars, Effusions and Splints ≥ Grade 3, Coggins, Microchip Scan, Visible Brand M (P) IA
13 Gait and Conformation Videos In-Hand, Flexions, Circle M (V) PF
22 Radiographs Hocks, Feet, Stifles, Fetlocks M (X)
Bloodwork Drug Screen, CBC/Chem M (F)
Background Report
Health History Details of Any (and All) Surgery, Treatment Under General Anesthesia, Recurrent Colic, Recurrent Lameness, Rest Period, Gastritis/Ulcers, Respiratory Problem, COPD, Bleeding, Anhidrosis, Tying Up R
Medical Treatment History Details of Intra-Articular, Bursa, Tendon Sheath, Spinous Processes Injections; Osphos/Tildren, EPM Treatments R
Medication Regimen Current and Competition-Use R
Competition and Training Regimen Competitions/Year, Work Days/Week, Workout Duration, Workouts/Day R
General Maintenance/Upkeep Details of Vaccinations, Dental Work, Worming, Supplements R
Provenance Name Changes, Previous Owners, Pedigree R IPBS
Demeanor Details of Any Objectionable Vices or Habits R
Credentials Registration IDs R IA
Breeding History Details of Any Breeding/Foaling Experience or Problems R IA
Medical Records Discharge Papers M (P) IA
Records of Provenance, Credentials, Maintenance Pedigree, Bill of Sale, Passport, Registration Certificates, Vaccines, Dental Work M (P) IPBS
Current Owner Date of Acquisition/Breeder R
Seller/Primary Contact Name and Contact Info R

Table Key: 

‘Format’ Column: 

  • R: Report
  • M: Multimedia
    • P: Photos, V: Videos, X: Radiographs, F: PDF/File
    ‘Included’ Column:
    • ✓: Always included with Standard Data Access
    • IPBS: 'If Provided by the Seller'
    • IA: 'If Applicable'
    • PF: ‘Premium Data Access Feature’
    After Purchase: Please provide each sharee's first name, last name, and email address on the order confirmation page. You'll receive secure access links via email (email addresses must be linked to a Google account). Data is accessible for 30 days from the date of delivery. See terms here.

    Expedite More Successful Transactions

    Before Investing in the Purchasing Process

    Efficient Horse-Shopping

    Peace of Mind and Convenience

    Confident, Informed Decisions

    Global Market Access

    Intelligent Investing

    Evaluate and Compare Horses According to Your Specific Needs

    Before Certification: Confusion

    Due to bias and varied procedures, having different veterinarians conduct a pre-purchase exam on the same horse may yield inconsistent results, making it difficult to understand its reality and fairly compare candidates.

    After Certification: Confidence

    Synch’s impartial, standardized process ensures all horses are evaluated consistently, which produces reliable findings and enables like-for-like candidate comparisons.

    Data Access Is Like Combining A CarFax and Certified Pre-Owned Report For Horses

    plus, It's Anonymous and readily Shared with your team

    What People Are Saying

    Corporations rely on a thorough vetting process to analyze companies for potential purchase; meanwhile, horse trade remains risky and unregulated... until Synch. Synch creates a fair and efficient purchasing process that brings clarity and a level playing field to the industry.

    Dr. Mark R. Baus, DVM

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